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How can CBD possibly help Veterans?

How can CBD possibly help Veterans?

A lot of veterans in the US need urgent attention, many of them have developed illnesses with no current remedy that is as natural as CBD (Cannabidiol), many are homeless and a lot more are battling with depression, anxiety, insomnia, and PTSD. When these guys return from service, many of them seek help and many don't even try because of the stigma that is attached with seeking help, that makes them turn to self-medication in order to heal themselves, many times the result of self-medication is drug abuse and addiction. More than half of those that seek help end up not getting any reasonable feedback that will help their situation.

According to Dr. Stephen Hunt, national director of the US Department of Veterans Affairs Post Deployment Integrative Care Initiative, “Folks returning from combat have a constellation of health concerns, including physical issues, psychological issues and psychosocial issues concerning things like work and family.” Because of the horrific things they see and pass through in combat, they may need CBD to help them with both physical pain and mental pain and this is how Bluntful CBD supplements can help.

  1. Chronic, Acute, and Difficult to Treat Pain: According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), 9.1% of veterans, compared to 6.4% of civilians experience severe pain on a regular basis. This research has shown that CBD and cannabinoids are effective when it comes to pain treatment. Cannabinoids are very beneficial for chronic neuropathic pain.
  2. PTSD: This is like a parting gift that majority Veteran get and many veterans who have Post-traumatic stress disorder will not seek medical treatment. Preclinical studies in animal models have shown that CBD supplements not only eradicates aversive memories but is also capable of stopping them from being remembered again. Though human trials are limited, there are a lot of testimonies showing that after administering CBD supplements for some time, PTSD was gone for good.
  3. Anxiety: this is another common condition amongst Veterans, apart from active combat, there are a lot more things that can lead veterans into anxiety, for instance, separation from family members, sleep deprivation, sexual assault, discrimination, substance abuse, and more. In step, CBD is able to reduce and also eliminate anxiety. A 2015 review found that existing preclinical evidence "strongly supports" CBD for the treatment of several anxiety disorders including Generalized anxiety disorder, Panic disorder, Social anxiety disorder, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, and Post-traumatic stress disorder.
  4. Sleep and Insomnia: Anyone who has issues with sleep and insomnia knows how detrimental it is to the overall well-being of the body. Sleeping pills can be used but not for long term purposes. Bluntful CBD alternative has therapeutic potential for the treatment of insomnia which helps by balancing the endocannabinoid system which in turn regulates and stabilizes sleep cycles.
  5. Nightmares: nightmares are common among veterans which could be like a horror movie scene that is placed on constant replay. Whatever the cause of the Nightmare, finding a way to stop it will bring balance in the life of the individual. With Bluntful CBD, the individual will dreamless and in some cases will not dream at all. Nabilone a synthetic cannabinoid resolved the severity of nightmares by 72% by on review of 47 patients with about two year’s history of nightmares.

Final Thoughts

Awareness should be created about the conditions of these ladies and gentlemen who are passing through tough times and adequate treatment should be administered for their speedy recovery. Bluntful CBD has many proven clinical tests that have helped people with similar challenges and as such should be used for the betterment of the lives of these veterans in need.